After Trump, New York AG Goes After Another Business 

New York Attorney General Letitia James’ office is suing popular streaming service and satellite radio SiriusXM, following accusations that the company intentionally made it difficult for its subscribers to cancel.

According to The New York Post, James’ office claims its investigation into complaints from subscribers found that SiriusXM forced its paying customers to make long waits in an automated system. James’ office claimed the subscribers are then connected to agents who were trained in ways to avoid accepting a request to cancel service.

According to signed affidavits from SiriusXM subscribers, customers complained of long waits only to then be out through to chat agents who engaged them in lengthy discussions in attempts to change their minds

“When I finally spoke to the first customer representative and explained that I had been waiting nearly half an hour, I was promptly hung up on. Which means I had to wait again. Another 30 minutes, just to cancel a service I would have preferred to cancel online,” one customer wrote in an affidavit.

According to the lawsuit, 578,000 subscribers —during 2019 and 2021— seeking to cancel by telephone gave up after waiting in queue to be connected to the live agent.

“Having to endure a lengthy and frustrating process to cancel a subscription is a stressful burden no one looks forward to, and when companies make it hard to cancel subscriptions, it’s illegal,” James said in a statement.

The company however denied any wrongdoing while insisting that the lengthy interaction times were based on a 2020 inquiry and were caused by the pandemic.

“Like a number of consumer businesses, we offer a variety of options for customers to sign up for or cancel their SiriusXM subscription and, upon receiving and reviewing the complaint, we intend to vigorously defend against these baseless allegations that grossly mischaracterize SiriusXM’s practices,” Jessica Casano-Antonellis, a company spokeswoman, said in a statement.

James’ office is currently suing former President Donald Trump after she accused the former president and his two children of engaging in fraud.

The lawsuit is seeking a $250 million fine and sanctions that will make it impossible for Trump’s company to operate in New York.