Alan Dershowitz: Biden ‘Urged’ AG To Indict Trump 

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz claimed on Friday that President Joe Biden Urged Attorney General Merrick Garland to indict former President Donald Trump. 

Dershowitz made the claim while talking to David Asman, who guest-hosted “Kudlow” on Fox Business Network on Friday. The Havard law professor argued that the DOJ’s prosecution of Trump is starting to look like a “banana republic.”

“President Biden urged his attorney general to indict the man who he knew was going to be the leading opponent if against him,” Dershowitz said. “That begins to look like banana republic land. That’s what happens when people in power are afraid of the democratic process. What they do is they seek the indictment and prosecution of the people who are running against them.”

Dershowitz argued that he had a constitutional right to vote against the former president as he had done twice before, before adding that federal prosecutors were trying to take that right away from him. 

“I voted against him twice,” Dershowitz said. “I intend to vote against him again, but I want to have that right to vote against him and not have that right taken away from me by prosecutors and by the president, who wants to see him imprisoned. That’s just not the American way.”

Trump appeared before a Washington D.C. federal court on Thursday to plead not guilty to the latest charges against him. Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted the former president following investigations into alleged attempts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election.

The indictment charged Trump with Obstruction of and Attempt to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, Conspiracy to Obstruct an Official Proceeding, Conspiracy to Defraud the United States and Conspiracy Against Rights.

Dershowitz, on Friday,  joined many Republicans who believe the former president will not get a fair hearing in D.C. Dershowitz noted that the District of Columbia is “95% anti-Trump.” the law professor added that the presiding judge’s anti-Trump history.

“If the government thinks they have a strong case, they ought to join the defense and agree to move it to West Virginia or Virginia and put it in front of another judge who doesn’t have a long history of anti-Trump attitudes,” Dershowitz said. “So, I don’t believe he can get a fair trial in the District of Columbia.”