Alex Marlow: The Biden Crime Family Will Crumble Under Congressional Cross-Examination 

Breitbart Editor-in-Chief and New York Times bestselling Breaking Biden author Alex Marlow revealed on Tuesday that “the Biden Crime Family” will crumble if forced to testify before Congress.

Marlow, in an interview on Tuesday’s edition of Real America’s Voice’s “Grant Stinchfield Tonight,” said Members of the Biden family would look bad if forced to testify before Congress because they are terrible in front of a microphone.

“People have to get hauled in, and they have to explain what they did — the Biden family members — what they did for all these companies overseas, what they did for all these Chinese companies,” Marlow said. “We need to get those answers now. I am optimistic that the House is going to proceed in a way where we’re going to see Bidens have to testify, and the answers they’re going to give to these questions, Grant, are going to blow your mind. They are terrible when they actually have a microphone in front of them and are forced to give answers. And if they keep pleading the 5th, they’re going to look like the crime family that they are. I cannot wait for this.”

With President Joe Biden’s impeachment inquiry in full swing, questions are being asked about the president’s use of email aliases and burner phones. Marlow insisted that the only reason the president would use such secretive means in his communication was because he was hiding something.

“We know about the laptop. We know about the cell phone that Hunter was paying for that Joe was using,” Marlow said. “This fits right in with that. We know about Devon Archer’s testimony. We know that Devon Archer used to meet with people on behalf of the Biden family, and said, flat out, that any claims that the Biden family is not working together on their businesses is categorically false. This is a friend of the Biden family saying that. So, people fought viciously to keep this information under wraps. Now it’s out…just starting to come out, all we have are numbers and we know a few aliases. But we don’t know what was being discussed. I’ll tell you what I think was being discussed, Grant, I think it was deals with China, deals with Qatar, deals with Kazakhstan, and probably a bunch of others. There’s no other reason for Joe to be this clandestine about his communication, other than that he wants it [to be] a secret.”