Andy McCarthy Calls Weiss Special Counsel Appointment A ‘Sham’

Former U.S. assistant attorney Andy McCarthy labeled David Weiss’ appointment as special counsel in the Hunter Biden investigation a sham. 

McCarthy —while speaking on Fox News Channel— criticized Attorney General Merrick Garland’s decision to appoint Weiss, noting that the appointment violates the DOJ’s guidelines.  

Mccarthy, who prosecuted the terrorists behind the 1993 World Trade Center attack, added that he prefers to refer to Weiss as a “sham’ rather than a special counsel. 

“This is a sham. There is no special counsel investigation, and there is no Biden investigation,” McCarthy said. “What makes a special counsel special is that you’re a lawyer who’s brought in from outside the United States government – not just outside the Justice Department, outside the government. This U.S. attorney is being appointed notwithstanding that he is an attorney who is a top official in the Biden Justice Department and Garland made clear he is going to remain a top official in the Biden Justice Department.”

Weiss has been in charge of the Hunter Biden investigation since 2018. The DOJ prosecutor has, however, failed to bring an indictment against the first son in his five years in charge of the case. 

McCarthy added that Weiss’ failure to bring an indictment allowed the statute of limitations on Hunter’s crime to expire. 

“Weiss never indicted the case. All he needed to do to preserve this case was file an indictment. A statute of limitations would have stopped and you could negotiate a plea agreement from a position of strength because if they didn’t agree to plea you could file the felony charges,” McCarthy added.

The former prosecutor suggested that Weiss’ appointment could help reelect President Joe Biden come 2024. 

“The special counsel ‘designation’ allows him to write a report,” McCarthy added. “So at some propitious moment during next year during the election season he will drop a report saying ‘you know I’ve looked at this and President Biden had nothing to do with it.’”