Berkeley To Rate New Employees On DEI Standards

University of California, Berkeley announced that it would be using diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) tabulation in determining its future hires. 

The Foundation for Individual Rights and Expression, a conservative group that monitors left-wing activism on college campuses, released the information from the college. The group was able to receive the documents after a two-year conflict with the institution of higher learning.

According to the new hiring policy, potential employees that demonstrate a lower commitment to DEI principles would receive less consideration for hiring. 

Those who “discuss diversity, equity and inclusion as core values that every faculty member should actively contribute to advancing” would receive a higher score. 

The new rubric includes applicants who are “oriented toward informing oneself.” 

The potential faculty members will be rated on their “track record” regarding DEI concepts. The college stated that it was looking for applicants who previously led a student group that “supports underrepresented individuals.”

Those who do not provide detailed plans to implement DEI as employees receive a lower score, while those considered “a strong advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion” would receive a higher rating.

The college advertises a commitment to DEI principles for its faculty positions. 

“Our excellence can only be fully realized by faculty, students and staff who share our commitment to these values,” the college said. “Successful candidates for our faculty positions will demonstrate evidence of a commitment to advancing equity and inclusion.”

Many conservative critics see Berkeley as one of the most left-leaning colleges in the nation.

The college received considerable attention last year after students protested an appearance by the Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh. Walsh, who produced the popular documentary “What is a Woman?” was greeted by the sounds of student protesters with loudspeakers.

“What I love about this area is you can always find your way downtown even if you don’t have a GPS because you just follow the stench of weed and fecal matter,” Walsh said at the event.

The public figure was invited by the college’s college Republican club. 

The group’s president said that the invitation was about “raising up political questions I think everyone should discuss.”