Biden Corruption: Trump Hopes Congress Do ‘The Proper Thing’

Former president Donald Trump is urging Congress to do the proper thing regarding President Joe Biden’s pending impeachment. 

Trump, while speaking with Breitbart News in an exclusive interview, did not explicitly call for his successor’s impeachment but argued that Biden had stolen millions of dollars. 

“I don’t want to comment on it, but I think people understand—nobody’s ever seen anything like that,” Trump said when asked if he wanted to see an impeachment inquiry proceed against Biden. “We’ll see what they do. Let them make their decision. They should do the proper thing. Let them make their decision.”

Trump, who was impeached twice, described Biden as the “most corrupt president we’ve ever had.”

“I took the name off Crooked. We call her Beautiful Hillary now because, you know, that one’s over with and the word Crooked I think was very pertinent,” Trump said. “It was a very good word for Biden. He’s Crooked. He’s the most corrupt president we’ve ever had—and he’s also the worst president we’ve ever had.”

Trump also pointed to the failures of his successor since he became president in 2021. 

“Look at what he’s done to the country with the inflation, with the energy, with taking away people’s rights, with the weaponized DOJ,” Trump said. No, they impeached me over a perfect phone call. Here’s a guy who has stolen millions of dollars and done other things that are so bad. Our country is in a position where it’s just so sad to see what’s happening.”

Trump’s comments regarding Biden’s potential impeachment comes after House Speaker Rep. Kevin McCarthy suggested that Congress may pursue an impeachment inquiry against Joe Biden. 

President Biden and his family are currently under a series of Congressional investigations regarding their shady financial deals. The president and his Son, Hunter Biden, are also accused of accepting a $10 million bribe from Mykola Zlochevsky, founder of Ukrainian energy firm Burisma.

Zlochevsky also claimed to have 17 recordings of conversations with the Bidens. Two of those recordings involved the president and allegedly proved that the Bidens coerced the Ukrainian Oligarch into paying the bribe.