Biden Makes U-Turn On Democrats’ Chances Against Trump 

President Joe Biden has made another surprising U-turn on his predecessor, former president Donald Trump, one day after making a similar shift in position.

Biden’s latest shift on Trump came during a Wednesday press conference where a reporter asked the president if thinks there are any Democrats who could beat Donald Trump. Biden responded by saying he believes that there are 50 more Democrats who can beat the former president.

“Probably 50 of them,” Biden said. “I’m not the only one who can beat him, but I will beat him.”

Biden’s remarks contrast with another comment he made during a Tuesday donor event in Boston. The president, during the event, said he wouldn’t be running for reelection if Trump wasn’t running.

“If Trump wasn’t running, I’m not sure I’d be running. But we cannot let him win,” Biden said.

Biden’s Boston remarks suggest he believes he is the only Democrat who can beat Trump in 2024.

However, Trump hit back at Biden’s Boston claim while suggesting that his successor was given the talking point.

 “Well, I think somebody gave him a talking point. They thought that would sound good,” Trump said.

While both men are expected to be their respective party’s presidential nominee, Trump has expressed doubts about a match-up between him and Joe Biden.

“I personally don’t think he makes it,” Trump said in a Town Hall event with Fox News Sean Hannity. Okay, I haven’t said that, I’m saving it for this big town hall. I personally don’t think so. I think he’s in bad shape physically. Remember when he said I’d like to take him behind the barn? If he took me behind the barn and I went like this [blows air ], I believe he would fall over. I believe he would fall over. I watched him at the beach. He wasn’t able to lift a beach chair which was meant for children. Mentally, I would say he’s possibly equally as bad and maybe worse. ”