Chinese Man Uses AI To Resurrect Son 

A Chinese man has found an ingenious way to bring his son back from the dead.

Seakoo Wu —from eastern China— lost his only child, Xuanmo, last year. Xuanmo died at the age of 22 while he was attending Exeter University in Britain.

The pain of losing their only child drove Wu and his wife to find a way of keeping their boy with them forever. Wu and his wife have brought back their son using artificial intelligence.

According to Breitbart News, Chinese mourners are now turning to the controversial innovation to create a digital replica of their loved ones. Mourners put together avatars of the dead themselves, hiring various companies to reproduce their voices and digital likenesses. Some of them employ replication firms that create eerily accurate digital avatars of the dead with only a few minutes of voice recordings and a few photographs.

Wo, while visiting the grave of his son, takes out his phone and plays a recording of his son consoling him.

“I know you’re in great pain every day because of me, and feel guilty and helpless,” Xuanmo’s AI character said. “Even though I can’t be by your side ever again, my soul is still in this world, accompanying you through life.”

Wu now says he wants to build a fully realistic AI replica that talks and behaves like his dead son.

“Once we synchronize reality and the metaverse, I’ll have my son with me again,” Wu said. “I can train him… so that when he sees me, he knows I’m his father.”

Zhang Zewei, the founder of an AI company called Super Brain, said his company charges up to $2,800 to create an avatar within 20 days. Zewei added that some of the characters the companies create are becoming interactive and automated.

“On A.I. technology, China is in the highest class worldwide. And there are so many people in China, many with emotional needs, which gives us an advantage when it comes to market demand,” Zewei said.