Chris Christie Will not Sign 6-Week Abortion Ban If Elected

Former New Jersey Gop Gov. Chris Christie on Tuesday revealed that he would not sign a law enacting a national six-week abortion ban if he is elected president in 2024.

Christie, who is running for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination, told CNN’s “This Morning” that he would not sign the ban because he wants the people to make the decision on the abortion ban.

“I would not sign a six-week national abortion ban,” Christie said “And the reason I wouldn’t is because we fought for 50 years and we had this conversation a little bit before. We fought for 50 years to put this in the hands of the people, to say the federal government, in that case, the Supreme Court had taken it out of the hands of the people and given them no voice. Now people have a voice. So we’ve seen it. You mentioned Virginia, Michigan, Ohio, Kansas. And one thing I know for sure is there is no consensus around a six-week abortion ban nationally.”

Christie’s GOP presidential nominee rival, South Carolina former Gov. Nikki Haley, said she would sign the six-week national abortion ban if it came before her. Christie told CNN that he believes that Haley’s stand on the abortion ban will harm her election chances.

“I think it makes it much more difficult in the general election for her,” Christie added. “Because you could see when Governor DeSantis signed that bill in Florida, it certainly affected his popularity with a broader electorate. And my view is this. My view is this, I want the people, not the politicians, to make this decision. So let people vote in the states. We see a great exercise in democracy going on all across this country. This is one of the most emotional issues. I am pro-life. that’s my personal belief and I believe strongly in it. Here is the bottom line. people should be able to make this choice. It’s too emotional to put this in the hands of politicians.”