CNN Legal Analyst Blast’s ‘Ridiculous’ Proposed Gag Order On Trump

CNN senior legal analyst Elie Honig criticized the Justice Department over its initial proposal for a gag order on former President Donald Trump.

The Justice Department had previously proposed a broad gag order that would prevent the former president from criticizing Special Counsel Jack Smith or his staff. The order will also prevent Trump from verbally attacking any of the defense counsel, court staff, and any potential witness or their testimony. The proposed gag order also sought to bar the former president from criticizing the Biden administration and the entire Justice Department.

Under the proposed gag order, Trump is not allowed to criticize former Vice President Mike Pence — who at the time was still running against him for the Republican nomination — and make statements about Washington, D.C.; its jury pool and the federal government.
Honig, during a roundtable discussion on CNN, said the proposed gag order was ridiculous and overboard.

“Some of this plays into Trump’s hands. I think DOJ comes in for some criticism here, because their original proposal to the judge … was ridiculous. It was way overbroad. It was way overly sensitive. They said, ‘He can’t say anything about anybody.’ That was never going to stand,” Honig said Tuesday on CNN. “Give Judge Chutkan credit. She looked at that and said, ‘No way.’ She substantially narrowed it down. Now it’s probably going to be narrowed down a little more.”

The legal analyst also commented on Trump’s request to have the trial televised, adding that the sky will not.

“One other thing I feel obliged to point out: the Federal Court of Appeals yesterday gave us a live audio stream of the proceedings, so we could go on our computer and listen to it. Note to the district court: the sky did not fall. We got to see this. We all benefited from it. Let the cameras in. At least give us an audio feed,” he added, citing the ongoing D.C. court hearing on the gag order.