Comer Details List Of Hunter Crimes Not Covered By Indictment

Chairman of the House Oversight Committee Rep. James Comer (R-KY) on Friday insisted that the the crimes listed in Hunter Biden’s indictment are just a “tip of the iceberg.”

Comer, in an interview with Fox News Sean Hannity on “Hannity,” suggested that the indictment is just a few of Hunter’s crimes. 

“I mean, I’m not surprised,” Comer said. “Look, this is one of many crimes that Hunter Biden has committed. We believe that if you’re going the tax evasion route, not only did he evade taxes on the obvious income that that Weiss is charged him with, but also the loans and that’s something that Jason Smith and the ways and means committee are looking into as well.”

Comer’s committee and House investigator have uncovered money trails from foreign nations heading into the Hunter Biden’s account. Bank investigators raised money laundering fears on one of those transactions. The first son, however, told the bank that the transaction was for a loan. 

Comer maintains that the loan explanation is just a cover up story, given that there are no loan documents to back them up.

“We believe that if you look at the loans that Jim Biden and Hunter Biden had, there’s over $13 million in loans and no trace of principal payments, much less interest payments,” Comer continued.“So at what point does a loan become income? We believe there’s significantly more tax liability than what he has. We also know that there’s money laundering, we get that from all the suspicious activity reports. Most of the 170 suspicious activity reports at Treasury implied that the Bidens were money laundering and from what we can look at with their bank statements now and the research we’ve done, I can confirm it sure looks like money laundering to me.”

The lawmaker noted that Special Counsel David Weiss did not charge the first son with violating the Foreign Agents Registration Act even though he has admitted in court to taking money from foreign entities. 

“You also have the obvious violation of the Foreign Agents Registration Act, and who was he lobbying for?” the lawmaker added. “He was lobbying for China, Russia and some of the worst countries in the world. But also, he was lobbying his father, so that makes Joe Biden liable in Foreign Agent Registration Act liability. So we’ve got a lot of concerns here. This is the tip of the iceberg. I’m not surprised it happened before this week, but this case is far from being over.”