Communist China Dunks On US After Trump Colorado Ruling 

China’s Global Times state propaganda outlet reacted to Colorado’s Supreme Court ruling against Former President Donald Trump, adding that the decision shows that American laws are now being used as political weapons.

Colorado’s Supreme Court ruled on Tuesday that Trump led an insurrection on January 6, 2020. The court’s decision kicks Trump off the state’s ballot under the provisions of Section Three of the 14 Amendment.

The Chinese outlet maintained that the rule is the first time that controversies around Trump have risen to the level of politics. One expert told the outlet that the Democrats were “undemocratic” despite their self-aggrandizing claim of protecting American institutions and democracy.

“The attitudes of both parties further reflect the rottenness of American politics, and that the law now seems to be exerted as a political weapon,” the Global Times wrote. “The US is a country that has always been perceived as having many loopholes with constant internal quarrels, and political chaos is indeed the essence of American politics.”

The Chinese propaganda outlet added that the U.S. might not survive the shock if Trump is re-elected in 2024.

“If he [Trump] were [to be elected president], the procedural justice of the US would be difficult to maintain,” the propaganda outlet claimed. “No political system can withstand continuous shocks. The current American political system is the result of the preservation by generations, and a few more shocks may lead to a collapse, a fact which is of great concern to Americans.”

The media Outlet, however, claimed that the ruling could galvanize Trump’s supporters and propel him back to the White House.

“Commenting on whether the decision of the Colorado court has impacted Trump’s support rate, experts believe the impact would be quite small, and may even give him an advantage,” the article read. “The matter has room for interpretation in both the legal and political fronts, and Trump is likely to interpret it from a political perspective. This may further reinforce the perception among his supporters that he [Trump] is a victim, creating a sense of sympathy that strengthens their support for him.”