Corrupt Hunter Biden Makes Entitle Demand

Lawyers for Hunter Biden on Monday filed four motions to have the court dismiss the first son’s three federal gun charges in Delaware.

Hunter is facing three gun-related charges in Delaware for providing false statements and knowingly possessing the gun while he was addicted to drugs. If found guilty, Hunter could spend ten years in prison.

According to Daily Caller News, Hunter’s lawyer made four arguments as to why Hunter’s gun charges should be dismissed. The lawyers urged the court to dismiss the case on constitutional grounds, the terms of his failed guilty plea deal and pretrial diversion agreement, Delaware U.S. Attorney David Weiss’ special counsel appointment and supposedly unfair prosecution.


“The Indictment against Mr. Biden must be dismissed because it violates a Diversion Agreement that is in effect between Mr. Biden and the prosecution. In exchange for Mr. Biden giving up various rights—including his Fifth Amendment right to remain silent by agreeing to the Statement of Facts drafted by the prosecution and numerous restrictions on his liberty—the prosecution agreed to provide him immunity for any offense concerning his purchase of a firearm,” the first motion to dismiss reads.

Hunter’s lawyer argued that Weiss’ special counsel appointment goes against the DOJ’s DOJ regulations and that Congress did not appropriate funds for the appointment. Consequently, the first son’s legal team argued that Weiss’s appointment was unlawful.

“This prosecution is not legally authorized because David Weiss was unlawfully appointed as Special Counsel and Congress has not appropriated funds for the Special Counsel’s investigation or this prosecution,” the separate motion to dismiss reads.

Hunter’s lawyers argued that the gun charges against the first son violated his Second Amendment rights.

“Quite simply, asking about Mr. Biden’s status as a user of a controlled status is constitutionally irrelevant to whether he can be denied his Second Amendment right to gun ownership,” his legal team said in another motion to dismiss.