Dem Rep Says Biden’s 2024 Message Can’t Be Economy’s Good

Rep. Jared Moskowitz (D-FL) has warned President Joe Biden he can’t run his 2024 campaign on claims of a good economy when everything, including gas and groceries, has become more expensive. 

Moskowitz made the comments on Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Lead,” after Host Jake Tapper noted that the poor economic conditions could be a problem for Biden and the Democrats.

“We can’t tell people the economy is good or things are getting better, if they don’t feel it.” Moskowitz Moskowitz said. “If — go to the grocery store, food’s more expensive, gas is more expensive than they remember, and even while it’s coming down. And so, these are things that are affecting people’s lives. Rent is more expensive. Doing anything right now is more expensive because of inflation. This is still the period outside of COVID, when we saw things just skyrocket. They went up super quick, and they’re coming down much slower. And we’ve got to explain to people all the things that President Biden has done to help that along. But, yeah, no, people still don’t necessarily feel it. There’s no doubt about that. We’ve got to talk to them.”

Though several voter surveys show former President Donald Trump is leading Biden in national polls, Moskowitz maintains he is not concerned about the president’s chances. The Florida lawmaker, however, noted that President Biden and the Democrats must change their messaging to compete with Trump.

“I do think we have a messaging issue, in that we’ve got to continue to feed the beast every single, solitary day,” Moskowitz added. “One of the things we learned is that Donald Trump was on TV a lot. He got a lot of interviews in the last election, and because of that, people just saw him and got his name ID out — not that Joe Biden doesn’t have good name ID — but Trump is on TV every single, solitary day now, three times a day, four times a day sometimes, we’re seeing it played over and over. Joe Biden’s got to get out there and we’ve got to get our surrogates out there. Because we do have to message, not just to young people.”