Democrat Chicago Alderman: DNC Convention Might Not Be Peaceful 

Chicago Democrat Alderman Raymond Lopez on Monday suggested that the upcoming Democratic National Committee (DNC) convention might not be peaceful, with residents’ anger brewing over the city’s immigrant crisis. 

Lopez, who made the suggestion in an interview on Fox News Channel’s “Jesse Watters Primetime,” told host Jesse Watters that Chicago residents will use the convention as a world stage to express their anger. 

“The anger and animosity that’s been brewing on the streets of Chicago runs deep and we’ve seen that grow exponentially worse with the ever-growing migrant crisis as we’ve seen 23,000 individuals bussed to the city of Chicago,” Lopez said. “When you see the black community — which should be the core of the Democratic Party — feel as though they’ve been abandoned…that they are no longer feeling the love from Uncle Joe. And they are going to use the world stage when it is here in their backyard to let their anger be known, to let people see that they do not have the full faith and confidence of the Democratic Party, my party, that they gave their unconditional love to anymore.”

Lopez added that most Chicago Democrat voters feel that President Joe Biden and the Democrat party no longer represent their interests. Lopez said voters see how the Democrats have been dragged too far to the extreme left with policies that sought to appease the Socialist and members of the House Squad. 

Lopez maintained that Democrats’ negligence of their base is driving their voters into the arms of the Republican party.

“What we hear so often is that people understand what the differences are between the Democratic and Republican Party,” Lopez continued. “And people don’t make any excuses for what they will expect out of the Republican Party. They know what [the] party’s views are on immigration, on lgbt, on minority inclusion, things of that nature. They have a pretty good idea where [the] stances are and how they differentiate from the Democratic Party. But I think what they’re worried about is that the Democratic Party vocalizes all kinds of things and then does not deliver. It actually does quite the opposite and continues to harm its own voting base while still saying that they are caring about their issues and worrying about their families and basically being hypocritical to all those values that we espouse on a daily basis.”