Democrat Congressman Rips Reward Of Party’s Reluctance To Fight Crime 

After months of pushing for radical policies like ‘defund the police” and failure to prosecute crimes, Democrats are now falling victims to their own radical agendas.

Rep. Henry Cuellar (D-TX) became the latest high-profile Democrat to fall victim to these radical agendas when he was car-jacked at gunpoint in Washington, D.C., on Monday night.

“DC’s Metropolitan Police Department is investigating an armed carjacking that happened around 9:30 p.m. in DC’s Navy Yard neighborhood,” Capitol police said in a statement. “The victim has been identified as a Member of Congress, so the USCP has investigators working with MPD on this case. Injuries were not reported. Detectives are working to track down the suspects.”

According to Fox News, the congressman was in the Navy Yard neighborhood at about 9:30 p.m. when the incident occurred. 

“As Congressman Cuellar was parking his car this evening, 3 armed assailants approached the Congressman and stole his vehicle,” Cuellar’s chief of staff Jacob Hochberg said in a statement. “Luckily, he was not harmed and is working with local law enforcement. Thank you to Metro PD and Capitol Police for their swift action and for recovering the Congressman’s vehicle.”

Meanwhile, police recovered Cuellar’s stolen vehicle, a white Honda CHR. However, the three carjacking suspects —described as Black men wearing all black clothing— have not been apprehended by the police. Congressional members received an alert of the incident stating that the suspect held guns to Cuellar’s head and took his cellphone. It’s not clear if police recovered the cellphone.

The Monday incident means Cuellar is now the second Democrat in Congress to become a victim of crime in D.C. in just this year. Rep. Angie Craig (D-MN) was assaulted in an elevator at her Washington D.C. apartment in February. Authorities arrested 26-year-old Kendrick Hamlin, AKA Hamlin Khalil Hamlin, in connection to Craig’s assault. 

Craig told authorities that the suspect, who had been acting like he was under the influence of an unknown substance, followed her into the elevator and punched her on the chin area of her face. Craig said the suspect later grabbed her neck, the congresswoman revealed that she defeated herself by throwing her hot coffee at the suspect.