Democrats Support RFK’s Inclusion In Debate

A new poll found that a substantial majority of Democratic Party voters desire Robert F. Kennedy Jr. (RFK) to be included in upcoming primary debates. Kennedy, the son of former Sen. Robert F. Kennedy (D-NY), announced a challenge to President Joe Biden earlier this year.

A recent USA Today/Suffolk University poll found that 80% of Democrats wanted to see debates for their party’s 2024 primary. This figure includes 72% of those who said that they will support Biden for the nomination. 

Kennedy’s inclusion into the race pivoted the anti-vaccine activist as the primary opponent of the president within his own party. 2020 candidate and author Marianne Williamson also announced that she would seek the Democratic Party’s nomination for the White House.

While Kennedy has not led any polls against Biden, he has achieved considerable support in a number of surveys. Furthermore, the candidate has also enjoyed positive coverage from conservative media sources.

Kennedy has bucked his party’s orthodoxy on a number of topics, including the use of vaccines and support of Ukraine in that country’s war against Russia.

RFK made a high-profile visit to the southern border, posting a video of himself near Yuma, Arizona.

The candidate called the situation at the border a “dystopian nightmare” and described the location near the Arizona city as having “thousands of migrants” crossing the border weekly. 

“You have to see it with your own eyes,” he said.

The Democratic candidate has also received considerable support from a number of wealthy Silicon Valley investors.

The candidate spoke before the Bitcoin 2023 conference, saying that cryptocurrency is necessary for individual freedom. One group, Common Sense PAC, is holding a fundraiser for RFK hosted by two venture capitalists.

Despite the wide public support for Kennedy’s inclusion in possible primary debates, a number of prominent Democrats shot down the idea.

Rep. Zoe Lofgren (D-CA) described Kennedy as a “fringe candidate” and dismissed the idea that Biden should debate him. 

Rep. Glenn Ivey (D-MD) said that Kennedy was not “a serious candidate.”