Dershowitz: Enough Evidence For Biden Impeachment Probe

Famed litigator Alan Dershowitz said this week that there is enough evidence for congressional Republicans to begin impeachment proceedings against President Joe Biden. The Harvard Law professor emeritus discussed the issue with Breitbart News last week, citing increasing evidence that the Biden family may have accepted bribes from a Ukrainian businessman.

Dershowitz cited recent evidence presented by Republican members of the House Oversight Committee regarding an FBI document that alleges $10 million in bribes paid to the Biden family.

Dershowitz was asked if the House Republicans had enough evidence for a probe into Biden for bribery. 

“Of course,” Dershowitz said.

Hunter Biden, the president’s son, served on the board of the Ukrainian energy company Burisma at a salary of $1 million per year.

Then-Vice President Biden played a significant role in the dismissal of a Ukrainian prosecutor who was investigating the company.

The June 2020 document cited a source who has been described as a credible asset for the FBI. The file, which was initially blocked from release by the agency, was then shown to members of the Oversight Committee.

According to the source, an executive at Burisma said that the company had to “pay the Bidens” due to the ongoing investigation. 

When the source recommended a bribe to each Hunter and Joe Biden of “$50,000 each,” the source said that it would be “$5 million for one Biden, $5 million for the other Biden.” 

The source reportedly believes that a total of $10 million in payments were handed to the Biden family.

Separately, the civil rights attorney said that the federal indictment against Donald Trump did not pass the bar set by the example of former President Richard Nixon’s resignation. 

Dershowitz said such prosecution must be “at least as strong as the case against Richard Nixon,” in which not only Democrats demanded the resignation of the former president, but a number of Republicans as well. “

“I haven’t seen any suggestion that Republicans agree with this indictment,” he told Fox News.

He added that if the “indictment is as weak as it appears to be, from what has been disclosed so far, it may be the most dangerous indictment in political history.” 

He cited the fact that this was the first time a leading candidate for the presidency had been indicted by the “incumbent administration in an effort to prevent him from running.”