Donald Trump Denies New DOJ Accusations

Former President Donald Trump denied the Justice Department’s new accusation that the Republican presidential front-runner attempted to delete security footage at his home in Mar-a-Lago.

Special Counsel Jack Smith indicted the former president on an additional count of willful retention of National Defense Information and two new obstruction counts relating to the Classified document case. Smith’s latest obstruction charges accused Trump and two new defendants of attempting to delete surveillance video footage at The Mar-a-Lago Club in the summer of 2022.

Trump, on Sunday, took to his Truth Social account to issue a furious denial of that claim stating that the security tapes were not deleted. Trump maintained that the surveillance footage was voluntarily handed over to Jack Smith’s team.

“We did not even go to court to stop them getting these tapes,” Trump wrote. “I never told anybody to delete them.”

Trump, who accused the DOJ of election interference, compared his indictment with the Russia collusion investigation.

“Same as the Russia, Russia, Russia HOAX,” Trump added. “They knowingly accuse you of a fake crime, a crime that they actually make up, you fight these false charges hard, and they try and get you on “obstruction.” We are dealing with sick and evil people!”

Trump told Fox News Digital Just after learning of the new indictments that the DOJ is running an election interference with the new indictments. 

“It’s election interference at the highest level,” Trump said. “They’re harassing my company, they’re harassing my family and by far, least importantly of all, they’re harassing me. This is prosecutorial misconduct used at a level never seen before. If I weren’t leading Biden by a lot in numerous polls, and wasn’t going to be the Republican nominee, it wouldn’t be happening. It wouldn’t be happening.”

Smith might still bring another set of indictments against Trump as the special counsel is investigating the former president and other officials on alleged interference with the peaceful transfer of power after the 2020 presidential election.