Families Narrates Loved One’s Hell In Hamas Captivity

Israeli Family members are narrating the hellish conditions their loved ones endured during their time under Hamas’ captivity.

Hamas on Friday began releasing some of the Hostages it took during its Oct. 7 attack on Israel. Yaffa Adar, 85 and Keren Munder, 54, are two of the hostages freed over the last three days. Their family members —Adva Adar, Yaffa Adar’s granddaughter and Merav Mor Raviv, Keren Munder’s cousin— told reporters in a press conference organized by MediaCentral Jerusalem that the hostages lived through hell under Hamas’ captivity.

Adva told the reporters that grandmother, who was a holocaust survivor, lost weight during her time as the terror group’s hostage.

Raviv echoed Adar’s sentiments, adding that the hostages seemed to have lost about six to eight kilos in weight. Raviv revealed the terrible conditions the hostages had to endure and how they had to wait at least one hour to use the bathroom.

“They were eating, but not regularly, and not all the time,” Raviv said. “Keren told me that there were days that they didn’t get food, only pita bread or things like that. They lost — Keren and her mom, Ruthie, lost, each one of them, around, between six to eight kilos, and they are not that tall. They ate a lot of rice and bread …. I know that she told me that when they wanted to go to the bathroom, how they had to knock on the door, and sometimes, and then they were waiting [for] it to be opened, and sometimes they were waiting one-and-a-half hours, or two hours, to go to the bathroom. And they told me that they were sleeping on [a] kind of benches in a reception room, that you have three chairs combined as a bench, they had to sleep on that kind of, to spend their night on the bench.”

Adva revealed that she couldn’t stop crying when she was finally reunited with her grandmother at the hospital. She added that her grandmother’s toughness gave the rest of the family the push to continue to fight for the other hostages.