Father Allegedly Shoots Wife And Three Daughters Inside Home

Police discovered a brutal murder scene on Sunday, with authorities making a shocking arrest in connection to the crime.

According to the Daily Mail, a father is accused of shooting his wife and three daughters in a small community outside Chicago on Sunday. A 911 dispatcher described the incident as a massacre.

The Cook County Medical Examiner’s office said police were called by a man in the home who reported the massacre and was taken into custody at the scene.

When the police arrived, they found the bodies of the four women. The medical examiner’s office identified the victims as Majeda Kassem, 59, Halema Kassem, 25, Zahia Kassem, 25, and Hanan Kassem, 24.

Tinley Park Public Safety Department office said a suspect, who is believed to be the husband and father of the victims, was taken into custody at the scene, where they also recovered a firearm.

According to Daily Mail, Charlotte Vaitkus, a neighbor who knew the family, said the news of the tragic incident was shocking to the community given that the victims and alleged killer were such a good family that had a bright future.

“My daughter knows them,” Vaitkus said. “She went to school with the oldest son, and she employed the twin sisters. She always talked about how they were all very intelligent, and they had very high goals in life.”

Village Manager Patt Carr said there was no danger to the public following the shootings.

“This was isolated to the home. The scene is secure. There is only one suspect at this time,” Carr told the reporters on the scene of the incident. “‘It’s a tragedy. Not only for the family but all the surrounding neighbors that are there. This sad event is the worst thing to happen in Tinley Park in almost 20 years. Back in 2008, five women were killed in a Lane Bryant store, and no one has solved that case yet. This stirs a lot of emotions for people. It brings back a lot of bad memories for a lot of us who have been around here.”