Fauci Gets Backlash For Comments On Catholicism

Former medical adviser to the president, Dr. Anthony Fauci, is facing a fierce backlash on social media following his recent comments on Catholicism. 

Fauci, in an interview on BBC’s Influential with Katty Kay, revealed that he doesn’t practice Catholicism because it’s a “thing that I don’t really need to do.” During the interview, Fauci showed Katty Kay the church where he and his wife got married in 1985. Fauci later told Kay that he no longer attends the church nor practices Catholicism.

“A number of complicated reasons,” Fauci responded when Kay asked why he no longer practiced Catholicism. “First of all, I think my own personal ethics on life are, I think, enough to keep me going on the right path. And I think there are enough negative aspects about the organizational Church that you are very well aware of. I’m not against it. I identify myself as a Catholic. I was raised, I was baptized, I was confirmed, I was married in the Church. My children were baptized in the Church… But as far as practicing it, it seems almost like a pro forma thing that I don’t really need to do.”  

A clip of the interview made its way to social media platforms, drawing fierce backlash from users. 

“Of course, he doesn’t practice Catholicism, Fauci is an evil elf who worships only himself,” one user wrote. 

Another user claimed Fauci’s comments prove he is every bit as arrogant as imagined. 

“He is every bit as arrogant as we imagine,” The user wrote. “He has in his mind overcome the need for God because he is a God.”

One X user expressed disbelief that Fauci would say such a thing before adding that Fauci must think of himself as God. 

“Is this an AI fake kind of video?” the user wrote.” I can’t believe even Fauci would say such nonsense. Either he actually thinks he’s GOD or this has really got to be a fake.”

“When you worship science and then call yourself “the science,” it doesn’t leave much room for anything else,” Steve Friend, host of American Radicals Podcast, wrote.

“The arrogance of man is truly a sight to see. Thou shall worship lord Fauci because he ended up being wrong about everything. It’s science!!!,” one social media user wrote.