Female Politician Hospitalized After Being Attacked By A Stranger

A conservative leader in South Korea was attacked in broad daylight and left with a bleeding head that required hospitalization.

Bae Hyun-Jin, A South Korean governing party lawmaker, was attacked by a stranger who repeatedly struck her in the head with a rock.

Security footage showed Bae walking in the Gangnam district when the stranger approached her and asked, “Are you lawmaker Bae Hyun-jin?” before hitting her on the head.

The lawmaker was unconscious and reportedly bleeding but was taken to a hospital. The suspect was arrested and taken into custody at the Gangnam Police Station.

Daily Caller reports that Bae is a former television news presenter. She was elected in 2020 and is a close confidante of Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol.

Park Sukh Que, a neurosurgeon at the Soonchunhyang University Seoul hospital, said Bae sustained minor head injuries, including scratches and a cut, and was taken to hospital in a stable condition.

“Fortunately, the bleeding wasn’t very serious,” Park said in a statement. “She does have a headache and she’s showing a bit of anxiousness after being shaken by the attack.”

The motive of the attack was not clear. However, the Korea Times reported that the suspect had told the police officials that he was 15. The outlet revealed that the suspect was questioned in the presence of a guardian and was later hospitalized.

During the investigation, the suspect told the police that he left home about two hours before the incident, bumped into Bae, and accidentally attacked her.

The outlet also revealed that the suspect claimed he had been waiting, at a doctor’s order, to be admitted to a closed psychiatric ward due to a depression relapse.

Bae’s attack happened weeks after a man stabbed South Korea’s opposition leader, Lee Jae-myung, in the neck in the southern city of Busan. The suspect who attacked Lee told investigators after his arrest that he wanted to kill him to prevent him from becoming a future president.

Fortunately, Lee was released from the hospital after eight days of treatment.

“My scar is aching again after this unbelievable incident,” Lee said about Bae’s attack. “There needs to be a thorough and decisive response. We pray for a speedy recovery for lawmaker Bae and our hearts go out to her family.”