Former US Attorney Blast Lawyers Attempting To ‘Eliminate’ Trump As 2024 Candidate

Former U.S. attorney Brett Tolman blasted lawyers for trying to “manipulate” the law to get former President Donald Trump thrown out of the 2024 presidential race.

Several left-wing organizations and their lawyers have filed multiple suits to have the former president kicked off the 2020 ballot. Their lawsuits argued that Trump incited and participated in an insurrection during the January 6 Capitol protest.

The lawsuits argued that, under the provisions of the 14th Amendment, Trump should be barred from running in 2024 due to his involvement in the alleged. The lawsuits’ claims are based on Section 3 of the 14th Amendment, which disqualifies “officers of the United States” who have taken an oath to the Constitution and engaged in “insurrection” from holding office.

Tolman, while speaking on Fox News “The Ingraham Angle,” said the lawsuits are efforts to manipulate facts and try to get the courts to take out their political rival.

“This is unprecedented activism by lawyers who want to try to manipulate the law, manipulate facts, try to utilize the courts to eliminate a candidate they’re afraid of,” Tolman stated. This is something that, you know, I guess many of us might have speculated would happen if someone was resentful enough and fearful enough of a potential candidate. But we are a republic. We have checks and balances on our government. We have a former president – President Trump who has a record that shows a stronger economy, and a much more peaceful international scene because of his efforts. You have a track record that flies in the face of what Biden has been doing and so what they’re left with are words and are, you know, rhetoric to try to convince those to be afraid of Trump. And if they’re afraid of him, then maybe they’ll be able to eliminate him as their political rival.”

Judges in Colorado and Michigan have ruled in favor of Trump in lawsuits seeking to prevent him from running for the White House in 2024.