Fox News Host Rips DOJ Over Biden Classified Files

Fox News legal analyst Gregg Jarrett blasted the Justice Department over its double standard of Justice after the department said it would not be charging President Joe Biden for mishandling classified files.
Jarrett told Fox Business that the DOJ’s decision not to charge Biden, despite slamming former President Donald Trump with multiple charges for a similar offense, is evidence of double standards in the Justice Department.
“This does smack of double standard [and] unequal justice and that is how the American public will perceive it,” Jarrett said. “You’ve got two presidents —Trump and Biden— both doing pretty much the same thing. Retaining classified documents. One gets charged the other doesn’t. Yes, there are differences between the two cases, but try to explain that to the American voter who is already convinced that Trump is the victim of politically driven prosecution and Joe Biden is the beneficiary of a protection racket run by his department of justice in the FBI.”
Jarrett maintained that President Biden may have escaped charges, but he will still face the political consequences.

Jarrett also spoke on Special Counsel David Weiss’ federal grand jury probe into Hunter Biden in California. Jarrett said the grand jury strikes him as a farce and window dressing, adding that he has zero expectation that the grand jury will bring any serious charges against the first son.

“This is a guy [Weiss] that tore up an agreement to file six serious charges against Hunter Biden. He concocted the sweetheart deal to give him immunity and no jail time. It imploded and he was forced by a federal judge to bring the gun charge. I think Congress uncovered so much incriminating evidence and forced him to convene this grand jury, but I suspect it’s a charade because it’s secret, and if a prosecutor like Weiss wants to present a lackluster apathetic case with feeble evidence, and either not make a recommendation to the grand jury on indictment or to argue against an indictment, he can do that,” Jarrett added. “This strikes me as a farce, window dressing. I hope I’m wrong. We’ll wait and see.”