GOP Lawmaker Rips Biden For Over Iran Response

House Intelligence Chairman Mike Turner (R-OH) blasted President Joe Biden’s administration for its timid response to Iran’s aggression.

Iran proxies are reportedly attacking cargo ships and attacking U.S. ships. Houthi, an Iranian-backed rebel group from Yemen, attacked another merchant ship in the Red Sea over the weekend. The attack drew the attention of the U.S. Navy, who destroyed the rebel fighters.

Turner, while speaking on ABC’s “This Week,” said the Biden administration’s lack of response to the Houthi escalation in the area is significant.

“This really, though, is the – is the Iran issue. I mean the Houthis, Hezbollah, Hamas are all, you know, satellites funded, trained by Iran itself. This administration has been very timid in responding to escalation by Iran,” Turner said. “And in order to be able to address this, they’re going to have to look at operations into Yemen where the capabilities are resonant, where Iran continues to reload them as they attack commercial shipping areas and put at risk U.S. military.”

According to The Daily Wire, the Houthi rebels have warned they will attack any ship heading for Israel. The group claims the attack on ships heading to Israel is a show of solidarity with the Palestinians as Israel fights Hamas in the Gaza Strip.

Host Jonathan Kark asked Turner if he believes President Joe Biden should order an attack on the rebel group’s position. The lawmaker responded, saying the president must consider actions that he needs to take in Yemen.

“I think the president absolutely has to look at what actions need to be taken in Yemen to be able to prevent the Houthis to continue to put commercial and military vessels at risk,” Turner said. “The fact that the president’s not doing that is giving Iran a total pass, an ability to operate without consequences in the area.”