Grassley: Burisma Executive Has Tapes Of Conversations With Bidens

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-IA), the former chair of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said this week that a top Burisma official had secret recordings related to the bribery probe into the family of President Joe Biden. Grassley said that the executive at the Ukrainian energy company that employed the president’s son Hunter kept the records as an “insurance policy.”

Grassley specifically referred to an FBI document that outlined accusations surrounding a possible $10 million bribe to then-Vice President Joe Biden and his son. 

The document became available to members of the House Oversight Committee last week. Grassley also reviewed the document. According to the Iowa senator, there was a redacted reference to a member of Burisma’s leadership having a total of 15 recordings of conversations between himself and Hunter Biden, as well as two more with the former vice president. 

Grassley laid out the information during a speech before the Senate. 

Grassley said that the document reviewed by himself and House Oversight Committee Chair Rep. James Comer (R-KY) had “maybe two or three half-inch redactions—not all sentences redacted” as compared to the version made available to the Oversight Committee by the FBI.

The senator said that FBI Director Christopher Wray “placed redactions on a document that’s already unclassified.” 

He said that the document’s review was arranged by the FBI for Congress to “review a redacted unclassified document in a classified facility.” 

Grassley called for “transparency” regarding the document and outlined more information about the accusations. Grassley said that the “recordings were allegedly kept as a sort of insurance policy for the foreign national in case that he got into a tight spot.” 

He further said that the form reads that the then-vice president was involved in Hunter Biden’s employment at Burisma, which the president strongly denies. 

Grassley cited the audio recordings used by special counsel Jack Smith in his classified documents investigation into former President Donald Trump. 

He asked what the federal government is “doing with respect to these alleged Joe and Hunter Biden recordings that are apparently relevant to the high-stakes bribery scheme.”