Hamas Began Plan For Israel Massacre After This Biden Failure 

More of President Joe Biden’s failure and incompetence have been revealed as one of the reasons that emboldened Hamas to attack Israel last week. 

The revelation was made in a “Russia Today” interview with senior Hamas official Ali Baraka. Hamas, who spoke with the Russian outlet on Sunday via the Middle East Media Research Institute, revealed that the terrorist organization had been secretly planning the attack for two years. 

“We have been preparing for this for two years. We have local factories for everything. We have rockets with ranges of 250 kms, 160 kms, 80 kms, 45 kms, and 10 kms,” Baraka said. “We have factories for mortars and their shells. We have factories for manufacturing B-7 and B-10 guns and their shells. We have factories for manufacturing Kalashnikov rifles and their bullets. We have a Russian license to produce Kalashnikov bullets in Gaza.”

According to Breitbart News, Barka’s revelation would mean that Hamas began planning the attack after President Biden took office and after the disastrous and deadly U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Baraka’s statement also suggested that Biden’s September decision to hand over $6 billion to Iran, the world’s leading state sponsor of terror, in exchange for American prisoners helped fund Hamas’ attack on Israel.

“Our allies are those that support us with weapons and money. First and foremost it is Iran that is giving us money and weapons. There is also Hizbullah, and the Arab and Islamic people who are standing by us,” he said.

Baraka also noted that the reason Hamas terrorists took hostages from Israel was because the terror organization needed them for prisoner exchange. The senior Hamas official added that Hamas wants to make prisoner swaps like the one Biden made with Iran.

“There are also prisoners in the U.S. We want them. Of course. There are Hamas members sentenced for life in the U.S. We want them too. Of course. We demand that the U.S. free our sons from prisons. The U.S. conducts prisoner swaps. Only recently, it did one with Iran. Why wouldn’t it conduct a prisoner swap with us? After all, it is participating in this war,” Baraka said.