Hamas Using Civilians As Shield Is To Blame For Palestinian Casualties  

Harvard Law Professor Alan Dershowitz on Friday said Hamas, and not Israel, should be held responsible for the ongoing war in the Gaza Strip. 

Dershowitz, in a Friday interview with former Fox News Host Chris Cuomo on NewsNation’s “Cuomo,” said the people are blaming Israel for Palestine casualties because they do not see that Hamas is using civilians as human shields. 

“Hamas has a plan. The plan has been going on for 20 years,” Dershowitz said. “You kill a lot of Israelis, you know Israel has to retaliate and try to get at the commanders and the rockets, you put your rockets and commanders among civilians, Israel then retaliates, some civilians die, then the Palestinians cynically parade the dead children in front of TV cameras, the world is furious at Israel because people look at pictures and they don’t say to themselves, oh, my God, the reason these children are dead is because they were used as human shields. They don’t think rationally. If I take you as a human shield if I’m robbing a bank, and the police try to shoot me, but instead kill you, I’m the one who’s guilty of murder, not the policeman who shot you. The same thing is true with Hamas. They are guilty — at least partially guilty — for a lot of these deaths of civilians.”

The law professor has been critical of Hamas’ sadistic act and how the terror organization the people it is supposed to protect as human shields. Dershowitz, in an opinion piece on the Daily Caller, argued that Hamas is the real enemy of the Plaestinain people. 

“The most anti-Palestinian entity in the world is Hamas,” Dershowitz wrote. “It has killed and exiled elected officials from the Palestinian Authority. It has stolen food, fuel and medical supplies from the Palestinian people. It has used Palestinian children and women as human shields. It has prevented Gaza’s civilians from moving south and away from Israeli bombing. It has denied Gazans education and religious and political freedom. It has made life miserable for its people. It has caused the deaths of more Palestinians than Israel has. All this was well before the war Hamas started with its massacres, which the terrorist group knew would make things worse for Gazan civilians.”