Hannity Says Radical Prosecutors Wants Trump To Die In Prison

Fox News host Sean Hannity accused far-left radical prosecutors of wanting President Donald Trump to die in prison for trying to challenge the result of an election.
Hannity made the accusation during Friday’s monologue of his show “Hannity Special.” The Fox News host accused prosecutors of wanting to put the former president behind bars for something Democrats have done in every major election since 2000.

“You have far-left radical prosecutors trying to put Donald J. Trump behind bars for hundreds of years,” Hannity said. “They want him to die in prison. Why? Because he dared to challenge the results of an election. Now, this is something, by the way, Democrats have done virtually every major election that they lost since 2000.”

Hannity noted that Hillary Clinton —Trump’s 2016 rival— was not prosecuted following revelations that she stored classified files on her private server, while Trump, on the other hand, has been indicted for doing the same.

“She (Hillary Clinton) got off even easier after she mishandled troves of top secret classified documents on private servers and then, of course, destroyed evidence deleting and bleach bidding, 33,000 subpoenaed emails and, yeah, destroying hard drives in the process along with devices that may have had copies on them,” Hannity added. “But according to James Comey, no reasonable prosecutor would ever prosecute, would charge Hillary Clinton. No rage, no mug shots of Hillary Clinton. Comey said this about five years before the FBI raided Mar-a-Lago and the Justice Department charged Donald Trump, oh, for basically the exact same thing, top secret classified documents that they thought were mishandled, but he was the president. She was the Secretary of State.”

Hannity accused the biased mainstream media and far-left radical prosecutors of not caring about the justice system and ethics. He added that all the left wants is political power and revenge against the former president.
“They are left-wing militants hell-bent on using our justice system to destroy their political opponents,” Hannity added.