Hunter Biden’s Attorney’s Threatened Prosecutors, Made False Statements 

A whistleblower who testified before Congress on Wednesday claimed that Hunter Biden’s lawyers made false statements and threatened prosecutors with “career suicide.” 

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) agent Gary Shapley accused Hunter Biden’s lawyer of spreading false and misleading statements about him following his previous testimony before the House House Ways & Means Committee.

“Then one of the Biden family attorneys sends to the press a 10-page, error-filled letter that attacked me with innuendo, false statements, and baseless speculation that I had leaked information to The Washington Post. These statements by Biden family attorneys are false,” Shapley testified.

Hunter’s attorney, Abbe Lowell, wrote a letter to the House Ways & Means Committee in June accusing Shapley and other IRS whistleblowers of leaking information to the WaPo. The attorney also falsely accused Shapely of fabricating a text Hunter sent to a Chinese official. Shapely previously told Congress that the letter was obtained from a search warrant for Hunter’s iCloud files.

Shapely also accused attorneys for the Biden family of using the pages of The Washington Post to threaten investigators with career suicide if they brought charges against Hunter. The IRS agent told Congress on Wednesday that Hunter’s attorney allegedly tried to make the Justice Department launch a criminal investigation for his whistleblowing.

Shapely testified before Congress that a reporter told him that Hunter’s attorneys had sent a letter to the DOJ lobbying for a retaliatory criminal inquiry against me for my protected whistleblowing. Shapely, however, maintained that he has still not seen a copy of the alleged letter. 

“But, it is chilling to think that after threatening prosecutors with ‘career suicide,’ Mr. Biden’s attorneys would be so bold as to actually lobby in writing for his father’s Justice Department to prosecute the whistleblower who disclosed preferential treatment for the President’s son,” Shapley added.