Hunter Facing More Legal Headaches 

First Son Hunter Biden has found himself in trouble again after a conservative group filed a complaint against the first son.

According to Fox News, America First Legal (AFL) on Wednesday filed a complaint with the District of Columbia Court of Appeals Board of Professional Responsibility alleging “professional misconduct” by the first son.

The group claimed in the complaint that Hunter Biden engaged in a pattern and practice of professional misconduct that raises questions about his honesty, trustworthiness and fitness as a lawyer.

The conservative group argued that Hunter’s actions violate the District of Columbia Rules of Professional Conduct 8.4. The rule’s provision

“It’s professional misconduct for a lawyer to engage in conduct involving dishonestly, fraud, deceit, or misrepresentation, or to state or imply an ability to ‘influence improperly’ a government agency or official,” the rule’s provision reads.

The group, citing Hunter’s recent indictment for failure to pay his taxes, noted that the rules dems many of the first son’s ilegal actions as reflecting adversely on his fitness to practice law. AFL Senior Counselor and Director of Oversight and Investigations Reed D. Rubinstein told Fox News Digital in a statement that there is “substantial evidence” that Hunter engaged in conducts that violate the provisions of Rule 8.4.

The first son is facing federal firearms charges in Delaware for lying about his drug use when applying to buy a gun. AFL argued that Hunter’s decision to purchase the weapon, even when he knew he was not allowed to own one, violates Rule 8.4

“There is substantial evidence suggesting that Mr. Biden has engaged in professional misconduct contrary to Rule 8.4,” Rubinstein said. “Public faith in the integrity of the Bar demands that the Rules of Professional Conduct be applied consistently fairly — there must be one standard for all bar members, regardless of a lawyer’s particular political affiliation or family connections. An investigation of Mr. Biden is certainly warranted here.”

The latest filing against the first son added to the long list of controversies facing him. Hunter pleaded not guilty to federal tax charges last month. He could also face a contempt of Congress charge after defying a congressional subpoena. Experts have maintained that Hunter’s growing legal problem could hurt President Joe Biden’s reelection.