Joe Biden’s ‘Political’ Trip Set To Backfire 

President Joe Biden’s decision to finally visit East Palestine, Ohio, could backfire after the president delayed visiting the area following last year’s tragic incident.

Norfolk Southern train derailed in the area on Feb. 3, 2023, triggering a controlled burn of the hazardous chemical it was carrying. The burn leaked the chemicals, including vinyl chloride, into the air and water, exposing residents to major health risks.

While former President Donald Trump visited the scene shortly after the incident, Biden refused to visit the city. A month after the incident, Biden vowed to visit the area but did not fulfill that promise.

As the election draws near, the White House announced that the president will finally visit East Palestine.

Democratic strategist Leslie Marshall believes Biden’s visit will do more harm than good.

“When I sit back and I think about it, there’s a number of things here. Whenever the president goes anywhere, it’s really difficult for the locals,” Marshall told the Daily Caller. “It’s a huge upheaval and distraction for local forces and traffic and things like that. And sometimes the president going to a site where there’s been a disaster is just more work and more distraction from what needs to be done to address that disaster.”

Scott Jennings, a longtime GOP adviser in Kentucky and veteran of numerous campaigns, told the Daily Caller that Biden’s administration does not care about the incident.

“I think they have all these gaping political wounds, and they are just scrambling to put tiny band-aids on any of it in the hopes that it will stage the bleeding enough to get them over the finish line. But I wouldn’t mistake any of this for actual care about what happened in Ohio for actual care of what’s happening at the border. They don’t care,” Jennings said. “They care about winning elections and they care about political power. They don’t care about the functional human toll that’s gone. They don’t care if they did care, they would have shown some attention to it already.”

Mark R. Weaver, a GOP consultant, told the Daily Caller that the visit is an opportunity for the president to rescue himself from his unpopularity.

“Biden’s team knows their candidate is seen as weak and ineffectual. Broken promises bolster that perception and his pledge to go to East Palestine was loudly made and quickly ignored,” Weaver told the Daily Caller. “This is a box checking exercise to deflect from Trump criticism that Biden cares more about foreigners coming across the border than Americans in red counties.”