John Bolton Reveals Hamas’ True Intention With Humanitarian Pause

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton on Thursday responded to news of a four-day humanitarian pause in the ongoing war between Israel and Hamas, noting that the terror group does not care about the pause.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Tuesday said the Israeli Defense Force (IDF) and all security establishments fully support the agreement with Hamas. According to CNN Netanyahu believes the agreement is the right deal for the moment.

Bolton, in an interview on CNN’s “News Central,” maintains that the prime minister was wrong to believe the deal was the right one. Bolton, who was national security adviser under former President Donald Trump, said Hamas benefits more from the deal than the IDF.

“There are many aspects of this deal that are wrong,” Bolton said. “The game that’s being played here is Hamas couldn’t care less about a humanitarian pause. What they’re interested in is getting a pause started, and then extending it to become a truce, and then extending it further to become a ceasefire. Now, that may not happen all at once, but Hamas benefits more than the Israeli Defense Forces do by having this pause. Because when the conflict begins again, the blame will be placed on Israel.”

Bolton took aim at some aspects of the deal, suggesting that the Israeli government was wrong to allow Hamas to dictate the length of the deal.

“Look at what’s wrong with exactly that provision in the deal,” Bolton continued. “Who in their right mind allows their adversary, their enemy to determine the length of the ceasefire? And by the way, when the end of the four days come and Hamas says, ‘Well, we can’t produce 10 hostages tomorrow, but we’ll produce five.’ And then you can see how this can play out. I don’t expect it to happen all at once but I do expect several iterations of this, that we’ll see the White House, which is desperately fearful of the pressure from the Democratic left, the pro-Palestinian Democratic left on the president’s reelection chances. People need to stand up and say one way or another, ‘Do you believe that it is legitimate for Israel to achieve the objective of eliminating Hamas?’ Because a lot of the people pushing for the pause/truce/ceasefire, don’t believe that’s a legitimate objective. That’s really where the nub of this lies.”