Jonathan Turley Dismiss Democrats’ Lack Of ‘Direct Deposit’ Arguments

George Washington University law professor Jonathan Turley has dismissed the Democrats’ claims that the lack of direct payment into President Joe Biden’s account proves that the president was not involved in his family’s corrupt financial dealings.

An FBI Confidential Human Source form, Congressional investigations and emails from Hunter Biden’s laptop have revealed several pieces of evidence, including bank records, showing the Biden family’s involvement in corrupt financial transactions. 

Witness testimony and text messages obtained from Hunter’s laptop have all pointed to Joe Biden being involved in his family’s shady transaction. 

However, Democrats and mainstream media have all argued that Joe Biden did not benefit from these transactions because no direct deposits were made into his bank accounts. Turley, speaking to Fox News host Laura Ingraham, dismissed that argument. 

“Democrats have constantly said stop asking questions because you don’t have that type of direct evidence of benefits. Well, that’s just ridiculous. I mean, obviously, all of these payments benefit Joe Biden. It’s going to the Biden family fund…Being a crook doesn’t mean you’re a moron, and it would take a moron to do a direct deposit into an account to the Biden family or send him some Zelle transfer. It’s not done. The Bidens are very good at this,” Turley said. “They have been in the influence peddling business for decades. There’s been articles, not just Hunter but the president’s brother openly selling his access according to critics, so they have been at this a long time.”

The House Oversight Committee released a memo on Wednesday showing that the Biden business received more than $20 million from entities and foreign agents in Russia, Ukraine and Kazakhstan. The Bidens received the payments via bank accounts tied to shell companies. Turley argued that the Bidens used the shell companies to disguise the payments. 

“Here’s the weird thing is that you have got this labyrinth of accounts, right? Two dozen different shell companies’ accounts that have no discernible pursuance except to hide the money transfers going to the Biden family and, yet Democrats are demanding the one thing that is the least likely to appear,” Turley added. “Despite that whole apparatus to transfer money, someone was giving a direct deposit slip to Joe and Jill Biden. I mean, how crazy is that? So we have to, I think, deal with the reality that this is what influence peddling is.”