Los Angeles Network Refuses To Air Commercial Criticizing Dodgers

A Los Angeles-based television network refused to air a commercial criticizing the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, which many critics describe as an anti-Catholic group. The Los Angeles Dodgers hosted the group of drag queens for its LGBT Pride event this week.

The channel Spectrum SportsNet LA refused to air a commercial entitled “The Dodgers Have Lost Their Way” created by the group Catholic Vote. The group is spending $1 million in relation to the Dodgers’ invitation of the LGBT group, whose performances mock Catholic rituals.

A member of the group told Fox News that it was “shocked that the Dodgers’ affiliate canceled our ad because the Dodgers have shown repeatedly that they only care about the feelings of these extremist bigots.”

“A fringe group like this honored, awarded, celebrated?  There is no equality in mocking religious women,” the commercial says. 

“No tolerance in hate, no pride in anti-Catholic bigotry. Mocking Christians is not the Dodger way,” it continues.

Thousands of protesters arrived at Dodger Stadium prior to the planned Pride event and honoring the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence with the team’s “Community Hero Award.”

The controversy over the group’s appearance unfolded over several weeks. The Dodgers originally invited the Sisters to its pre-game performance and then revoked the invite after significant protest.

Following the pulled invitation, pressure from LGBT groups caused the franchise to reinvite the group once again.

The last invitation stuck and led to a significant backlash from both players and fans. The criticism even reached the Dodgers’ clubhouse, as the team’s ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw expressed his opposition to the invite, saying that the Sisters mocked his Christian faith.

In response to the Dodgers’ action, Kershaw requested that the team revive its Christian Faith and Family Day, which had not occurred since the start of the pandemic.

Washington Nationals pitcher Trevor Williams also criticized the Dodgers’ position, calling on fellow Catholics to unite in opposition to the event. He called it a “blatant and deeply offensive mockery of my religion.”