Major Democrat City Could Turn Red In 2024

Some black voters from a major U.S. city are fed up with their mistreatment at the hands of the Democrat party and are vowing to turn their city red in the next election.

According to Breitbart News, Black Chicagoans are making efforts to “turn Chicago red” in the face of the growing border crisis that has negatively impacted their city.

Two Chicagoans, Windy City residents Cata Truss and Mark Carter, vowed that they would be voting for the Republican party in the 2024 elections. They made the declaration during Friday’s episode of “Fox & Friends First.”

“The Democratic Party has always neglected to pay attention to the Black community,” Truss told Fox News host Todd Piro. “That is traditional, and because we have been so committed to supporting that party, they feel that they can continue to disrespect us, to marginalize us, to not hear our voices. If the Democratic Party is not going to listen to us, if the Democratic Party is not going to stand up for the people that have supported this party, then it’s time for us to make a change. Now, let me just say this as well. The Republican Party is not spotless, but we do need to say at this point it’s time to do something different.”

Truss added that it was important for the citizens of Chicago to turn Chicago red in the next election.

Chicago’s Democrat Mayor Brandon Johnson took over in May and has implemented a lot of sanctuary city policies in Chicago. Johnson has diverted more than $138 million to vendors to care for the migrants.

Carter accused Johnson and the entire Chicago Cty Council of trying to abandon white voters, before adding that Black voters are going “do away with them.”

“It took a while for people to cozy up and warm up to Donald Trump. I heard his message the first time. I understood that the Democratic Party had done just that, done away with our humility. And so I am one of the ones who was already Team Trump a long time ago,” Carter exclaimed. “I knew that he would push that immigration plan to push these people back into the country to close the border, and Joe Biden did the exact opposite as soon as he got in office.”