Man Accused Of Brutally Killing His Girlfriend 

Police have detained a man accused of killing his girlfriend and abandoning her body in an airport garage, according to law enforcement officials.

Kevin Kangethe, 41, was taken into custody on Monday night by Kenyan authorities in collaboration with the Massachusetts State Police (MSP), the Suffolk District Attorney and the U.S. State Department.

Kangethe has been wanted since November for allegedly killing his girlfriend, Margaret Mbitu, and leaving her body in an airport garage. MSP detectives report that the suspect escaped to Kenya shortly after killing the victim. He was later arrested at a nightclub in Nairobi.

According to Breitbart News, Mbitu’s body was discovered in the suspect’s car, which was parked at a Boston Airport garage. Investigators made the discovery two days after her family reported her missing.

MSP detectives also noted that the victim was found with big slash wounds to her face and neck, as well as other puncture wounds to her sides.

Investigators identified Kangethe as the suspect and discovered he had fled to Kenya. The MSP then issued a warrant for his arrest.

“The subsequent investigation identified Kangethe, who lived in Lowell, as Ms. Mbitu’s assailant and determined that he had boarded a flight to Kenya,” MSP said.

The New York Post reports that the police did not reveal a motive for the murder, but the victim’s family claimed she had been planning on calling off the long-term relationship.

Mbithu’s family released a statement expressing their joy over the suspect’s arrest.

“We are overjoyed by the news of the capture of Maggie’s murder suspect. The long hand of the law is finally catching up with Maggie’s murder suspect,” Mbitu’s family said. “We are confident that the truth will prevail and that justice for Maggie will be achieved.”

MSP spokesperson David Procopio described the suspect’s arrest as a joint effort that reached across oceans and continents.

“We had been keeping tabs on him while the international coordination of the arrest warrant and apprehension plan was being completed,” Procopio said. “The next step is the extradition process, but there is no timetable on that yet.”

Kangethe is scheduled to have a hearing in Kenya next week and will be brought back to Boston for prosecution.