Man Kills Wife- Buries Her In Shallow Grave

A local community has been left reeling from a shocking murder that occurred on New Year’s Day.

According to reports from Breitbart News, A Nashville man was arrested on Saturday by officers of the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department for allegedly killing his elderly wife and burying her body on a property he owned outside town.

Police issued a Silver Alert for Jackie Glynn, 76, after she was reported missing on Jan. 1. Jackie’s husband, Joseph Glynn, 70, told the victim’s children that she left because she was terminally ill. However, Joseph’s story turned false after Jackie’s medical provider revealed that she had no terminal illness.

Police said they traced the victim’s car to a property in Dekalb County where they discovered a freshly covered hole.

Joseph was arrested on Saturday after police found the victim’s body buried in a six-foot grave, according to Fox News. Police said they found Jackie’s body on a property she shared with Joseph in Dekalb County.

During questioning, Joseph told police that he bashed Jackie’s head with a hammer at their home on New Year’s Day. Joseph said he later drove her body to Dekalb County where he buried her the following day.

Police said Joseph buried his wife in a hole, which was six feet wide, ten feet long, and six feet deep. The suspect also wrapped the victim in a plastic vehicle cargo box, which was hidden under a pile of roofing shingles. Joseph told police he threw the murder weapon inside a community center trash compactor. Police are yet to locate the murder weapon.

While the murder motive remains unknown, Police said the suspect had already hired construction workers to dig up the hole he buried his wife in on Dec. 16. Joseph told the construction workers that the hole was for a burn pit.

Authorities accused the suspect of selling some of his wife’s properties in the days after he allegedly murdered her. The suspect has reportedly contacted a realtor to help him sell the couple’s DeKalb County property.

Joseph is currently being held on a $1,030,000 bond and faces charges of abuse of a corpse and evidence tampering, along with a murder charge.