Megyn Kelly Reignites Feud With Trump 

Former Fox News host Megyn Kelly may have reignited her feud with former President Donald Trump after she suggested that the former president may be declining mentally.

Kelly, in a Friday interview with conservative commentator Glenn Beck, said Trump has lost steps and may not be as mentally sharp as he was during his first campaign.

“There’s no question Trump has lost a step or multiple steps,” Kelly told conservative commentator Glenn Beck Friday. “He is confusing Joe Biden for [Barack] Obama … I know he’s now saying he intentionally did that — go back and look at the clips, it wasn’t intentional.”

Kelly went on to list some of Trump’s gaffes while adding that the former president’s age might be causing the mental decline.

“The reference about how somebody is going to get us into World War II, confusing countries, confusing cities where he is, and it’s happening more and more,” Kelly said. “This is what happens when you’re 77-years-old. Trump seems inhuman, but he’s not inhuman. He’s a human. He’s a man. DeSantis’ line about ‘Father Time spares no one,’ was a good one. So, look, if it’s between Trump and Biden, I don’t think there’s any question who’s more fit and more capable. But are we really going to pretend that Donald Trump is just as vibrant and mentally sharp as he was in ’16?”

Despite Kelly’s claims, Trump maintains the repeated times he’s mixed up the names of former President Barack Obama and President Joe Biden during speeches have been intentional.

“Whenever I sarcastically insert the name Obama for Biden as an indication that others may actually be having a very big influence in running our Country, Ron DeSanctimonious and his failing campaign apparatus, together with the Democrat’s Radical Left ‘Disinformation Machine,’ go wild saying that ‘Trump doesn’t know the name of our President, (CROOKED!) Joe Biden. He must be cognitively impaired,” Trump wrote in a Truth Social post last month.

Kelly’s comment could reignite her feud with the former president, which began during the 2016 presidential election.