Most Wanted Criminal Allegedly Shot By Law Enforcement

A criminal on police’s most wanted list met with a brutal end on Wednesday after US marshals shot him dead during a violent arrest.

Shamar Leggette, 41, was killed by US Marshals during a confrontation with Marshals in New Jersey. They were attempting to arrest him for a series of robberies he was involved in, including at Pastor Lamor Whitehead’s church in 2022.

Daily Mail reports that Leggette was New York’s third most-wanted fugitive, and he had served time in state prison twice for numerous charges of armed robbery.

According to reports, officers were waiting at the MHO Inn and Suites in Monmouth Junction for him to come out, and when he did, he started shooting at them. New York Post reports that a woman he was with inside the hotel surrendered to the authorities before Leggette came out shooting.

Leggette was being tracked down after he was named as a suspect in the heist gang that robbed Whitehead’s church. Before that, he had been let out on parole from state prison just six months earlier.

Two other accomplices joined him when they stormed into the Leaders of Tomorrow International Ministries in July 2022.

The robbery, which was captured on camera, showed Pastor Whitehead live streaming his sermon when the trio targeted the pastor, robbing him off of his ‘$75,000 Rolex watch,’ ‘ $75,000 Cavalier watch’ and a ‘$25,000 ruby and diamond ring,’ among other valuables.

Following news that Leggette was killed, Whitehead took to social media to do a 30-minute live stream of his thoughts.

“So this is the guy that was at large and he came and put the gun to my head and ripped my clergy collar off and ripped my chains off, and he was just brutal,” Whitehead said. “My condolences go out to his family. This is a sad situation where, once again, we, as African American people, are in a cycle of destruction. It’s so senseless.”

The pastor added that he had forgiven him of his brutal act and offered to do a funeral service free of charge.

“I wish that he would’ve given himself up. Even though he would have done some time, he would have been home for his children. It’s a sad thing. It’s just so senseless,” he said. “I forgive him and I do want to extend my services to the family. I would eulogize him, I will preach the service, whatever I can do in a pastor’s capacity, I will do it, free of charge.”