Mother, 3 Children Found Dead From Murder-Suicide Following Lengthy Standoff

Tragedy Struck on Thursday as a mother and her three children were found dead in what authorities are investigating as a possible murder-suicide. 

Police in Oklahoma were notified at about 4 p.m. of fireworks being fired from inside a home’s garage in the town of Verdigris, Oklahoma. 

According to Verdigris Police Chief Jack Shackleford, someone had launched a Roman candle firework through a broken window of the garage with a woman and two children inside.

Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation spokesperson Hunter McKee revealed that one police officer was passing by and noticed the fireworks coming from inside the house’s garage. 

“It was at that time that officer knew that there was something wrong, went to investigate, called for backup,” McKee said.

The passing officer also saw what Shackleford described as a Roman candle firework and found the woman and two children locked in the garage.

The woman told authorities that she had taken another child to the home for a supervised visit when they were met by the child’s woman, who took them at gunpoint. The mother then locked the woman and three other children inside the garage. 

Police were able to free the woman and the two children from the garage. However, the armed mother barricaded herself and her three children in the house leading to a standoff that involved several law enforcement agencies, including the Cherokee Nation Marshal Service’s SWAT team.

Officers tried to contact the armed mother during the standoff that lasted three hours but got no response from the mother. 

When officers eventually got into the house, they found the woman and the three children dead. McKee revealed that all four had gunshot wounds. According to Blaze Media, the children’s ages ranged from a few months old to around 11 years old.

Shackleford revealed that police were familiar with the mother and that officers had been dispatched to the home several times in the future for domestic and mental health incidents. 

Authorities identified the woman as Brandy McCaslin, 39. McCaslin allegedly killed her baby son Billy, 10 months, her daughter Noe, 11, and her son Bryce, 6.