MTG Says Speaker Johnson was Not Ready Position 

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) said House Speaker Rep. Mike Johnson was not ready to lead the House when he got elected as speaker. 

Johnson was appointed following a long drama that saw several candidates, including Rep. Jim Jordan (R-OH), drop out of the race after House Republicans failed to unite with them. Greene, while speaking to Former Fox News Host Tucker Carlson on “Tucker on X,” revealed that Johnson had no plan to be speaker. 

“It’s early in his speakership. Let’s be very honest, this is nothing he ever planned for, was not prepared for. Had no base staff ready for this. It’s literally something he luckily got thrown into — thrown in a hot frying pan,” Greene said. “Being speaker of the House is one of the hardest jobs in the country. It really is. This is a CEO position of one of the most powerful companies, so to speak, in the world — or the most powerful one. They (House speakers) control the check book of the American people. They control the vote that happens on the House floor. They drive the agenda of the federal government. They control whether we go to war or not.”

Johnson, on Nov. 14, brought a resolution to extend spending levels into 2024 before the House. The resolution passed with an overwhelming majority of 336-95, with 209 Democrats supporting the bill. Green said she was disappointed at Johnson for bringing the bill, which she argues funds President Joe Biden’s excessive spending.

“And I was extremely disappointed when the first thing our new Speaker Mike Johnson does as a conservative, is he brings a continuing resolution to the floor … that just completely funds Joe Biden and his administration’s budget that Nancy Pelosi created and passed during my first term, which I hated, absolutely hated,” Greene added. “I hated Nancy Pelosi as speaker of the House. I hated the bills that she put, I hate the budget — I think it’s disgusting, it’s filled with utter, horrible things. And he passed that clean, like that.”