NBC’s Chuck Todd Pushing Another Trump Collusion Theory 

With the Trump-Russia collusion finally dying, NBC’s Chuck Todd has now come up with a new conspiracy theory involving former President Donald Trump.

Todd’s new conspiracy theory claims that the former president is conspiring with his GOP presidential rival Vivek Ramaswamy to attack other GOP presidential candidates on the Debate stage.

Trump has not attended any of the GOP primary debates. Ramaswamy, on the other hand, has attended all the debates and has been somewhat of a livewire, ruffling feathers among the GOP bigwigs. Todd, during Tuesday’s episode of “Meet the Press,” claimed Ramaswamy is not a serious candidate and could be on the debate stage to do Trump’s bidding.

“This Vivek Ramaswamy guy, it’s pretty clear he’s not a serious candidate for president,” Todd said. “If you now look at how he’s behaved at every debate, it’s very tactical, right? It’s all about trying to find a way to almost hijack the debate in some form. Tried to do it at the NBC debate. Tried to do it at the beginning of this debate. Tried to do it at the beginning of the first Fox debate. This is what he does. And it’s amazing, perhaps it’s coincidental, I have no evidence, but it seems that he is able to hijack and attack the person Trump would like to see fail the most. And he just comes across like Trump’s best asset on that stage each and every time.”

Todd added that everything Ramaswamy has done since he began his campaign has been to Trump’s benefit. The NBC host maintained that Ramaswamy will not win the GOP primary election, but has done a lot to rattle Republican Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis and former United Nations ambassador Nikki Haley.

“He’s really an impediment I think for both DeSantis and Nikki Haley. Like there’s a point here. Look, you gotta deal with a troll when they run for president, but he’s such an impediment at these debates that you can’t break through because of his nonsense … that is what makes it like, what are you doing? Because everything you’re doing is pushing people away from you, but you’re rattling those opponents of Trump, so it benefits Trump,” Todd said.“That’s why you have to sit here and you have to ask yourself, is he serious about running for president or is he just trying to be a Trump surrogate?”