Netanyahu’s IDF Defense: The Allies Were Not Blamed For Civilian Casualties

Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during an interview over the weekend, defended his country’s ongoing war with Hamas when CNN’s Dana Bash confronted the prime minister about civilian casualties.

Netanyahu, while speaking to Bash on Sunday’s broadcast of CNN’s “State of the Union,” maintained that Israel is doing all in its power to reduce civilian casualties. The prime minister added that Israel has worked tirelessly to open evacuation corridors allowing Palestinians to escape northern Gaza. He, however, suggested that Hamas —and not the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)— is to blame for the civilian casualties.

“The Allies were attacked by Hitler, and so they invaded France and then Germany,” Netanyahu said. “And when they did that, they went into the cities. They had to fight the German army that was often embedded in the cities, in civilian neighborhoods. And many civilians were killed. So, who was the blame laid on? Did they say, ‘Well, the Allies are wrong, the Allies should stop fighting?’ Or did they say, ‘Look, use forces judiciously as you can, but don’t give the Nazis any refuge, defeat the Nazis’, which is what we’re doing. We’re using force in the most judicious way, but we have to defeat these new Nazis. And we will, for our sake, for your sake too.”

Netanyahu argued that Hamas was doing everything in its power to keep civilians in harm’s way. He also revealed that Hamas has fired rockets into the safe zone and the safe corridor.

“Hamas is doing everything in their power to keep them in harm’s way,” he said. “It’s fired on the safe zone and the safe corridor that we enacted the other day to prevent Palestinians from leaving harm’s way.”

According to the Israeli government, the IDF delivered 300 liters of fuel to a collection point near the Shifa Hospital in Gaza City over the weekend. However, Hamas prevented hospital staff from collecting the fuel. 

“Last night, the IDF coordinated the transfer of fuel for urgent medical use to the Shifa Hospital,” the government said.  “Early in the morning, IDF troops arrived at the entrance of the hospital and placed 300 liters of fuel for urgent medical purposes. Later, the IDF received evidence that Hamas officials prevented the hospital from receiving the fuel.”