Nikki Haley Reveals Steps To End Antisemitism On College Campuses 

GOP presidential candidate and Former U.N. Ambassador Nikki Haley on Wednesday revealed the steps she would take to end antisemitism on college campuses.

Halley, while speaking during Wednesday night’s GOP presidential debate, basted college leaders for not condemning antisemitism and support for Hamas in their schools.

“It was disgusting to see what happened,” Haley said. “You know, if this had been the KKK that was doing protests on those campuses, every one of those college presidents would have been up in arms. This is just as bad. The idea that they would go and allow that kind of pro-Hamas protest, or agree with the genocide of Jews, and try and say that they needed context on that — there is no context to that.

Haley then went on to highlight how she plans to end antisemitism and support for Hamas on college campuses and schools.

“This is what we need to do to deal with it. First of all, we have got to get foreign money out of our universities. You’ve got Arab money, you’ve got Chinese money, you’ve got others; we need to go to every university and say, you either take foreign money or you take American money, but the days of taking both are over.”

Haley, who is also the former governor of South Carolina, blamed President Joe Biden for not including anti-zionism in the definition of antisemitism.

“The second thing we need to do is we need — Biden made a mistake not including anti-Zionism in the definition of antisemitism,” Haley added. “If you don’t think that Israel has a right to exist, that is anti-Semitic, we will change the definition so that every government, every school has to acknowledge the definition for what it is.”

Halley proposed banning TikTok, adding that the social media platform makes users become more antisemitic and pro-Hamas. She also suggested rescinding the tax-exempt status of schools that allow antisemitism on their campus.

“The third thing is, we really do need to ban TikTok once and for all — and let me tell you why,” Haley concluded. “For every 30 minutes that someone watches TikTok, every day, they become 17% more anti-Semitic, more pro-Hamas based on doing that. We now know that 50% of adults 18 to 25 think that Hamas was warranted in what they did with Israel. That’s a problem. When campuses also don’t go and protect — when they have these rallies, and you’ve got students that are scared, we need to go to these universities and say, if you’re not going to protect these students, if you’re not going to acknowledge antisemitism, we’ll take your tax-exempt status away. That’ll fix it and that’ll take care of it.”