Poll: Most Americans Believe Gender Cannot Be Changed

A significant majority of Americans agreed in a recent poll that an individual cannot change their gender. The recent NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll stated that 61% of Americans agreed that gender was tied to the one “listed on a person’s original birth certificate.”

The number of Americans who saw gender as an innate trait that could nt be changed increased significantly from last year. 

A May 2022 poll found a 51% majority agreeing with the same statement. Furthermore, 36% of Americans agreed with the statement that the “definition of gender is antiquated and needs to be updated to include identity.” This figure was down from 42% who agreed last year.

The poll also found a sizable majority of Americans believed that such gender changes should be reserved only for adults or not used at all. When asked about gender changes being utilized by adults, 45% said that it should be allowed only for those above the age of majority.

However, another 23% of the public believes that gender transitions should not be allowed. 

Only 31% of the public believes that those under the age of 18 should be able to receive “gender transition-related healthcare.”

The poll showed significant partisan differences, but many Democrats support restrictions on such gender changes. 

A majority of 52% of Republicans want such gender transitions only allowed for adults with 37% wanting them banned altogether. 

Among Democrats, a majority of 51% support gender transition treatments for minors and adults, while another 34% want the practice limited only to adults.

The most recent poll also follows one in which most Americans believed that athletes should only compete in leagues of their own birth gender. More than two-thirds of Americans agreed with such a sentiment.

Furthermore, the same Gallup poll showed that Americans are becoming less accepting of the idea of individuals changing their gender.

The poll showed that 55% of Americans believe that changing one’s gender is “morally wrong.” This figure is up from 51% in 2021. In the recent poll, 43% disagreed with the statement, down from 46% in 2021.