Rep. Comer Reveals Key Reason For Biden Impeachment Inquiry 

House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. James Comer (R-KY) revealed on Thursday that Congress had to go through with President Joe Biden’s Impeachment inquiry because the president and his legal team obstructed the House’ investigation into the Bidens.

Comer made the revelation on Fox News Channel’s “The Faulkner Focus,” adding that it was unfortunate that House Republicans had to launch an impeachment inquiry.

“This is an impeachment inquiry. It’s unfortunate we have had to go here, but this family, the Biden family, this administration, the Biden administration and his legal team have blocked and obstructed us at every turn,” Comer said. “Yet we continue to uncover more findings, more evidence of wrongdoing by the Biden family. So this is the next step: an impeachment inquiry. We are not talking about having an impeachment vote. This is not an impeachment trial. This is an inquiry so that we have every tool at our disposal to get to a speedy trial if and when we head to court over these personal bank records.”

Comer added that the impeachment inquiry became necessary because Congress has reached a point where there is so much evidence of wrongdoing by the president’s family.

The Kentucky lawmaker debunked Democrats’ arguments that there is no evidence of wrongdoing against the president. 

“There’s mountains of evidence,” Comer said. “Let’s start with the fact that we’ve discovered the Biden family has taken in over $20 million from foreign nationals that came through a series of shell companies that were then laundered down to the Bidens in incremental payments. My question to the White House is, what did the Bidens do to receive that $20 million? They try to act like it didn’t happen. Like it didn’t exist, but it did $20 million. We heard from the IRS whistleblowers that they didn’t pay a penny of taxes on this money, that this investigation was leading to Joe Biden. Even though Joe Biden said he never met with or spoke to or had any knowledge of any of these people who were mysteriously wiring millions of dollars to the Bidens, we have found through our deposition process that he spoke to every one of them.