Republicans Rips Anti-Trump Maine Secretary Of State 

Republicans are expressing outrage after Democrat Maine Secretary of State Shenna Bellows kicked former President Donald Trump off the state’s ballot for the 2024 election.

Bellows, citing the insurrectionist clause of the 14th Amendment, ruled that the former president is ineligible to be on Maine’s ballot.

“I find that the declaration on his candidate consent form is false because he is not qualified to hold the office of the President under Section 3 of the Fourteenth Amendment,” Bellows wrote.

Bellows’ decision is attracting criticism from prominent conservatives and Republican politicians who have described the decision as election interference.

Trump campaign spokesman Steven Cheung, in a Thursday statement, said Bellows’ decision is a real-time attempt to steal the 2024 election.

“We are witnessing, in real-time, the attempted theft of an election and the disenfranchisement of the American voter. Democrats in blue states are recklessly and un-Constitutionally suspending the civil rights of the American voters by attempting to summarily remove President Trump’s name from the ballot,” Cheung said. “Make no mistake, these partisan election interference efforts are a hostile assault on American democracy. Biden and the Democrats simply do not trust the American voter in a free and fair election and are now relying on the force of government institutions to protect their grip on power.”

Trump’s 2024 GOP rival Vivek Ramaswamy echoed Cheung’s sentiments, adding that the decision is what an “actual threat to democracy” looks like.

“This is what an *actual* threat to democracy looks like. The system is hellbent on taking this man out, the Constitution be damned,” Vivek Ramaswamy posted on X. “I stand by my prior pledge to *withdraw* from any state’s ballot that ultimately removes Trump from its ballot. I call on DeSantis, Christie, and Haley to do the same – or else they are tacitly endorsing this illegal and brazen election interference in the GOP primary.”

Rep. Wesley Hunt (R-TX) said Democrats are trying to remove Trump from office because he is the greatest threat to the matrix in American history.

“Since everyone is talking about the Civil War, let’s talk about Maine…” Hunt wrote. “The most recent example of Democrats acting to remove a candidate for President from the ballot. The last time this happened? The Civil War. The last party who did it? The Democrats. The party doing it again? The Democrats.Donald J. Trump is the biggest threat to the matrix in American history, and that’s why they’ll do whatever it takes to stop him. Democrats destroying democracy to protect it. The jokes write themselves.”

Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) mocked the ruling with a post X, stating that Democrats will do anything to protect democracy.

“Democrats love ‘Democracy’ so much that they will do ANYTHING to stop the voters from voting for their opponent,” Cruz wrote on X.

Desantis, while speaking on Fox News’ “Ingraham Angle,” said the decision opens up a Pandora’s box.

“That turns on its head every notion of constitutional due process that this country has always abided by for over 200 years,” DeSantis said. “It opens up Pandora’s box.”

“You can’t just toss someone off the ballot because you’re afraid they will win!” Rep. Matt Rosendale (R-MT) wrote in a post on X. “We are not a Banana Republic!”