RFK Jr. Admits To Flying On Jeffrey Epstein’s Jet 

With Sen. Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) subpoena for deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein’s flight log denied, Independent presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy revealed on Tuesday that he flew twice on the pedophile’s jet. 

Kennedy made the revelation in an interview with Fox News’ “Jesse Watters Primetime.” The presidential candidate told host Jesse Waters that he and his family had flown on the disgraced financier’s jet twice, adding that he has never been on the jet alone. 

“I was on Jeffrey Epstein’s jet two times. I was on it in 1993 and I went to Florida with my wife and two children to visit my mom over Easter,” Kennedy said. “My wife had some kind of relationship with Ghislaine Maxwell and they offered us a ride to Palm Beach, so I went then.” And on another occasion, I flew again with my family with, I think, four of my children and Mary, my wife to Rapid City, South Dakota, to go fossil hunting for a weekend. But otherwise, I was never on his jet alone. I, you know, I’ve been very open about this from the beginning. This was in ’93 – so it was 30 years ago. It was before anybody knew about Jeffrey Epstein’s, you know, his nefarious issues.”

Kennedy’s revelation comes after Sen. Dick Durbin,(D-IL) blocked Sen. Blackburn’s subpoena for Epstein’s flight log. Epstein’s jet — dubbed The Lolita Express — was used to traffic underage girls to locations around the world. 

Kenedy told Watters that he supports Blackburn’s request, adding that the American people need to know the high-profile politicians that have been on the jet. 

“And I agree with you that these all of this information should be released. And we should get real answers on what happened to Jeffrey Epstein and any of the high-level political people that he was involved with. All of that should be open to the public. It should be absolutely transparent. And, you know, I don’t see why any of those records would have any redactions. Why would we be hiding that from the American public? I think that’s outrageous,” Kennedy added.